Innovation Meets Tradition

This is not your grandfather’s school. We value creativity, innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurial thinking. Here, you will tackle real-world challenges and be out in the community as part of your everyday learning experience.

The Winchendon Difference

At Winchendon, your educational experience will be much more dynamic than a regular high school. Yes, you will tackle important math concepts, but you will apply those new skills in a research project on the streets of NYC. You will work hard on becoming a good writer, and then you will use that talent helping a neighborhood organization update its marketing materials. Science theories will be learned and tested in the East River or on rooftops in Clinton Hill. And getting jobs and serving your community will be part of your academic program - along with becoming an accomplished athlete, artist and musician...and having some fun.

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We keep our classes “micro,” typically with eight students or less per teacher. These purposefully small classes facilitate more meaningful learning -- they foster confidence, individual attention, and deeper relationships. Additionally, our small groups allow us to be highly mobile - always on the move - able to take our learning from our home in Clinton Hill into the city whenever the opportunity strikes.

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